lloyd (falling_softly) wrote,

A touch of fanatisism and a life no longer mine.

“What’s the matter with you? Sing me something new.”

I finished my goodbyes over the weekend.

“It’s not a question of merit, it’s not demand and supply”

Buffy seemed to get back on track on Thursday, very good episode, loved the ending.
Angel was very good:
“Maybe we should just cut his tongue out.”
“You could do that, or you could lie on the floor and gag for a while.”
Now does anyone out there(in the Birmingham area with digital) tape E.R because I would kill(well maybe I wouldn’t be that extreme) for a copy of this weeks E.R, watched the repeat at midnight last night and loved it.

“Poverty stole your golden shoes but it did not steal your laughter.”

Mass comic reading over the weekend, Ultimate Spider-Man and X-Men graphic novels and about 2 months worth of my regular collections.
Went to see About A Boy, I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a good film even if they didn’t stick to the book exactly(read changed the ending but kept the feel of it the same) and it came with a Spider-Man trailer.
Picked up Dancer in the dark and The Straight Story on DVD.
Both good films, some of the songs kinda scared me in Dancer in the Dark, I think it was mainly the fact that some of the rhyming made me cringe. The Straight Story was very sweet. It’s a David Lynch film but it’s understandable and not royally fucked up. About an old guy travelling a long way on his lawn mower to see his brother, he doesn’t have a driving license because of his eyes and he refuses to let someone drive for him.

“This isn’t where we intended to be.”

I need some new friends. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the ones I have and wouldn’t change them for the world. It’s just that I could do with people who would know why I was screaming with glee when I was reading the Ultimate Spider-Man graphic novel or why I was bouncing with joy on Saturday when I saw the trailer for the Spider-Man film. Basically I need to meet some comic geeks. Where do you find these people? How do you meet them?
Maybe I should start some kind of comic group.

“A little bit more than you could ever say.”

I’ve been pondering past relationships over the weekend. Specifically people I went out with. I still find it strange the way things fall apart(or at times get ripped in half or simply cease to be). How someone who was such a big part of your life, at one point was the purpose of your life can suddenly become something so distant. As well as the loss of things(to date in break ups I’ve lost one tape, one C.D., one book and one video) there’s the sudden extraction of people from your life, her family, mutual friends and her. People think that it’s easy to break up with someone when it’s not. It ends for one person and not the other and it’s such a hard thing to tell them this. Followed by the attempt at friendship - yet suddenly this person you’ve spent most of you free time with, you have nothing to talk about, you don’t know what to say or how to act. There’s nothing you can do but walk away and leave someone who was the biggest part of your life for some time and then they tend to be unhelpful by not dropping of the face of the earth, they do things like get married or use the same bus as you to get home. I think the main thing for me is I never know how to regard them, I’ve had friends take part in the time honoured tradition of insulting them but I’ve always told them not to. A part of your life vanishes, where does that leave you?

“I think of you and let it go.”
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