lloyd (falling_softly) wrote,

The moment you've all been waiting for!

1)”You know, for kids.”
The Huddsuker Proxy(A Cohen Brothers Film) Said by Tim Robbins with regaurds to his design for the hula hoop.
2)”Great Scot!” - I need a brand name for this one kids, no generics will be counted.
Back to the Future Part III said by Marty McFly just before the Doc says “I know, this is heavy”.
4)”Your Dad gave you that watch.”
The Sixth Sense. Said by Bruce Willis to Haley Joel Osman.
5)”I will find you”
Last of the Mohekans. Said by Daniel Day Lewis to Madyline Stowe
6)”This isn’t where we intended to be.”
Evita. Sang by Moddona in ‘You must love me’
7)”Everybody thinks I’m gay!”
Three To Tango. Matthew Perry to Oliver Platt.
8)”You don’t get to have me.”
Grosse Point Blank. Minnie Driver to Jon Cussack.
9)”I want answers”
A Few Good Men. Tom Cruise to Jack Nicholson.
10)”As you wish”
The Princess Bride. The guy(who took on the roll of The Dread Pirate Roberts) to Buttercup.
11)”This will be the high point of my day”
American Beauty. Kevin Spacy narratyive about masterbating in the shower.
12)"I have something for you, I don’t need it any more”
The Crow. Eric Draven to evil guy.
13)”You lucky bastard”
Life of Brian. Various people to Brian.

1)”It should be easy. It’s NEVER easy”
Farscape. Jon to himself in some mining place, series 2.
2)”It's not about abortion. It's about the next 20 years. Twenties and thirties, it was the role of government. Fifties and sixties, it was civil rights. The next two decades, it's gonna be privacy. I'm talking about the Internet. I'm talking about cell phones. I'm talking about health records, and who's gay and who's not. And moreover, in a country born on a will to be free, what could be more fundamental than this?”
The West Wing. Sam to The President and Toby. Series 1.
3)”It’s a potato”
Blackadder II. Baldrick to Blackadder.
4)”Not to go all school yard on ya but you hit me first”
Angel. Angel to Buffy. Series 1.
The Simpsons. The episode where homer does the voice for Poochie on Itchy and Scratchy. The woman who does Itchy and Scratchy did the voice for Road Runner but they only paid her to say it once.
6)”Enduring tortures most of which rhyme, trapped here till the end of time, here on level nine.”
Futurama. The Robot Devil singing to Bender. Series 1.
7)”Good greif”
Danger Mouse. Damger Mouse to Penfold on oh-so-many occasions.
8)”From the deepest inner mind to...”
...The Outer Limits.
9)”There’s no where left to run”
Buffy. Adam, half to spike, half to himself. Series 4.
10)”It would require being normal for a large part of the day”
Friends. Chandler to Pheope. Series 1.
11)”No one expects the...oh bugger”
Monty Pythons Flying Circus. No one expects the Spanish Inqisition!

1)”All I really wanted was a motherfucking sandwitch”
Ugly Kid Joe. Sandwich.,
2)”Be proud to be out of your minds and out of control and one more time, loud as you can, how does it go”
Eminem. |The Real Slim Shady.
3)”Now it’s much too late to ask me where I’ve been”
Sleeper. Inbetweener.
4)”Moss grows fast on a rolling stone”
Jon McLain. American Pie.
5)”Somebody better put you back into your place”
Queen. We Will Rock You.
6)”The winter here’s cold and bitter”
Sarah McLaughlan. Full of Grace.
7)” No sentimental value to the rose that fell on your floor
No fundamental excuse for the granted I'm taken for”
Alanis Morissette. Wake Up.
8)”Scrape the mould of the bread, bring you comics in bed and serve you french toast again”
Sherryl Crow. If it makes you happy.
9)”I shouldn’t think any more tonight”
Jewel. You Were Made For Me.
10)”They took all the trees Put 'em in a tree museum”
Joni Mitchel. Big Yellow Taxi.

1)”You’re alive so live”
The Sandman, Dream in Brief Lives. Neil Gaiman.
2)”Do what you want, after all it’s a free country. For some people.”
The Incredible Hulk#327, Doc Samson. Peter David.
3)”So shine for me
Blind my sight
Don’t let me see what I can’t fight”
Stangers In Paradise, a peom called Star. Terry Moore.
4)”The sound of her wings”
The Sandman#8. Neil Gaiman.
5)”Just a frightened little angel lying in the dirt”
Hellblazer, Fear & Loathing.

1)”As I pulled the trigger I was pulling the trigger”
Rancid Aluminium. James Hawes.
2)”Nicholas was old as sin.”
Nicholas was... Neil Gaiman.
3)”I find violence an act of the incompetant and empty threats the final refuge of the terminally inept.”
Neverwhere. Neil Gaiman.
4)”Can I have them mashed?”
Interesting Times Terry Pratchett.
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