lloyd (falling_softly) wrote,

Hazy petrol nights, crimson sun on traffic lights.

“I never did tell you how it ended did I?”

Things seem to have calmed down, the funeral is over and done with, all that’s left is the weekend and there’s one more thing I have to do.

“No, you never did.”

This weekend I hope to get remarkably drunk and hopefully cry, this is not a bad thing in this instance, it’s just something I need to do so I can say goodbye and let her go.

“And I probably never shall. She told me with a wry smile.”

Once again I find myself wishing for some kind of accident, this is not because I crave pain or infirmity but simply because the time to write another essay is upon me. Writing essays is an experience I find somewhat akin to having my teeth pulled with a rust pair of pliers while sitting naked atop a heap of broken glass during which someone is playing bad Spice Girls covers.

“People come and go, stars flicker and die, but from here I can pretend.”

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t get worked up over certain films. One is Star Wars Episode II, now lets get someting straight, I am not a big Star Wars man, I think they’re okay but highly over rated and I thought Episode I was awful but I am begining to get worked up over it. The second is Spider-Man, as you know I am, and have been for many years, a comics fanboy. I go and see films based on comics, even if I don’t read the comic, kind of to support the industry, the chances are I would go and see another Batman film even after the travesty of Batman and Robin in the hopes that they will one day get it right. The only adaptation of a comic I read that I have seen that has impressed me is Batman(with Jack Nichollson), I didn’t think The Punisher was too bad but I was about 15 at the time and had only read Punisher 2099. Judge Dredd was an abomination, X-Men was unimpresive, I will ot talk of Captain America and I’m quite thankfull for Generation X going straight to video and not seeing it. I wont include Men In Black or Mysery Men because I never did read the comics but on the whole it’s just not a good track record especially when you consider the number of good comics that seem to be trapped in development hell(I talk of Hellblazer, The Sandman, Books of Magic, Ghost Rider, Superman, Batman: Year One, etc.). So I will not get my hopes up only to have them smashed(after all I have seen pictures of the Green Goblin, don’t look like no comic I’ve ever read and are they using Norman or Harry Osborne?).

“Inside my heart there’s an empty room, it’s waiting for lightning, it’s waiting for you.”
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