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The grind stone starts here.

I open my eyes to the alarm going of for the 5th time with the realisation that I should have left the house five minutes ago. I enjoy having time of work the only problem with it is that my body clock shifts about 5 hours forward. Still my weekly toil has begun again and after a calm stroll in the city centre at lunch I have a wish list for pay-day -
West Wing series 1 part 1(DVD)
The Family Guy series 1(DVD)
My usual standing order of comics with a few little extras.
The Straight Story and Dancer In The Dark(DVD - filmfour, 2 for the price of one)
Sheryl Crow CMon CMon(CD - her new album)
In recent times there has been new Jewel, Alanis Morissette and now new Sheryl Crow. Now Ugly Kid Joe and Terrorvision are no more this is basically my triumvirate of music.

It was a nice week, managed to get the cleaning done, rearange some furniture but I didnt catch up on the back log of books and films I need to watch. I did however finaly sort out my socks, there were 3 that I didnt throw out(individual socks, not pairs) so I decided to treat myself to some new ones.

X-Men Unlimited had a Jubilee story in it so I couldnt resist that little purchase combined with the 2 versions of Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow(new single).
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