lloyd (falling_softly) wrote,

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, asorted oddities and weirdos...it's film time.

It's been a while since I mentioned my recent film viewings so...


Harry Potter - Fun. I even managed to stop myself doing the Books of Magic call outs.

Lord of the Rings - It was okay, nothing spectacular, very standard(and no I haven't read the book).

The Princess Diaries - So enjoyable, I loved this film.

Serindipity - What can I say, I love trashy romantic comedies.

Ghost World - Very good, so glad I went to see it.

Apocolypse Now Redux - Never saw Apocolypse Now but this was a damn fine film.


I found somewhere that does Ramna 1/2!!! I realise for some of you(if not most) this means absolutely nothing but they have never been released in the U.K, only Asia and America.

Contact - Good film, it gave me one of those 'silent' moments(the good kind, not the bad).

The Virgin Suicides - Good.

Loser - Enjoyable teen trash.
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