April 19th, 2007

(no subject)

As I'm about to sod off for a long weekend I shall leave those of you who care with answers.


1. Twelve Monkeys Altering history/Tooth extraction/Plague
2. Groundhog Day Time loop/Suicide/clock radio
3. Amilie Dream like/Postcard/France
4. Kung-Fu Hustle Martial arts/Spoof/Landlady
5. 10 Things I Hate About You Teen movie/Marching band/William Shakespeare
6. Death To Smoochy Kids show host/Crooked Charity/Rhinoceros
7. The Descent Stabbed in the neck/Claustrophobic setting/Female bonding
8. Princess Mononoke Enviromental/Giant animal/Asia
9. The Hudsucker Proxy Hula hoop/Business/Jump from window
10. Little Shop of HorrorsMusical/Dentist/Orphan


1. Spaced Comic book shop/Cult comedy/Pop culture
2. The Vice Prostitution/Police/London England
3. Cowboy Bebop Jazz/Bounty Hunter/Anime
4. Odyssey 5 Sci-Fi/Number in title/Space shuttle
5. Wonderfalls Inanimate object/Comedy/Drama
6. Family Guy Homicidal baby/Animal that acts human/Adult humour
7. That 70's Show Basement/Water tower/Retro
8. Daria Outsider/MTV/Character name in the title
9. Battlestar Galactica Space western/Theology/Soldier
10. Blackadder Goes Fourth War/Cunning plan/Historical

Well Paul did the best, managing to get 9 right in the end although I will love him forever for knowing The Maxx.
Lorna comes in a close second with her first guess netting her an impressive 8 for 8 but when the typo went away she made the popular mistake of saying Firefly which got her 8 for 9.
Pete was (metaphorically before you get any ideas, I know what you're like. Especially you Lloyd. Wait, I'm Lloyd. Oh, ok then I'm pointing accusingly at you Alison! I wouldn't want to know what kind of filthy high class things go on in your mind[well maybe I would but I'll never admit it!]) bringing up the rear, starting with a 100% success rate but soon dropping to a 75% but I must take my hat for with pride joy and because my office is bloody hot to a man who can name both Death to Smoochy and The Hudsucker Proxy.

Well as for tomorrow I hope that we all have (please ignore the the in the title and feel free to google if you don't know the film) A Stabbed In The Throat/Hung Upside Down/Irish Republican Army