December 17th, 2002

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“Everybody knows that you love me baby.”

So yesterday I had the day off work and went to get a new tatoo. I now have a small black dragon on my lower right back to go with the purple rose over my left shoulder.

“Everybody knows that you really do”

Dad called me on Friday, it was an amazing experience. When Dad calls (it’s pretty rare) we have a set routine, he’s drunk and in various orders he moans at me, appolpgises for moaning at me and tells me how much he loves me repeated in various ordersbut he was actually sober when he called!

“Everybody knows that you’ve been faithful.”

So it’s been nearly 12 weeks since I had a cigarette.
I have only spent two nights drinking this month.

“Give or take a night or two.”
- Lenord Coen, Everybody knows