October 3rd, 2002

A weekend of non-stop action-packed adventure.

“You can try me on my cell phone, you can page me all night long.
But you wont catch this free bird, I’ll all ready be long gone.”

- Sheryl Crow, Steve Mcqueen.

Well my phone is gradually dying on me. The other night I was just drifting off to sleep when something went ‘pop’. It was my phone charger. So now I only have my phone on when I’m out of the house, I turn it off when I get in so it’ll last as long as it can.

“You took your coat off and stood in the rain,
You were always crazy like that.”

- Jewel, Foolish Games

It was a good weekend.
Friday involved much alcohol and a variation of “I packed my bag and in it I put”, we played “If I were George Bush I would” and much hilarity arose (the administration would like to apologise to anyone who is a fan of good ole G.W but it is the opinion of this individual and his colleagues that the man is a moron).

“Take me down the diamond road,
Tell me every story told”

- Sheryl Crow, Diamond Road

Saturday me BeX, Sweet and Eve went to see Sunset Boulevard on it’s closing night in Manchester.
It was just so damn cool!
Afterwards we hung around at the stage door to get autographs, me and BeX were like school girls at our fist Take That concert. Jeremy Finch signed stuff for us and when he was out of sight we bounced and screamed at each other.
Faith Brown was amazing. So was so nice and kind and sweet and eeeee!
Then it was back to the hotel, me and BeX had the bigger room (yay!) so we hung out there ‘till about 2:00am when Eve and Sweet left, me and BeX watched the door slowly close and the second it shut we just looked at each other, screamed and bounced. This is where the discrepancies come in our tales, the times (and I held Jeremy’s plant for longer than her vary.
We got to sleep at about 3:00am and the fire alarm went of at 3:46, we had to be up at 8:00, this lead to storming through the corridors, trying to find the stairs in a none to pleasant manor (saying but because of the state of my voice at this point it was more like a gravely mutter “someone is going to die for this”). So being the vindictive boy that I am I now want to open my own chain of hotels just so I can put the Travel Inn out of business.
It was all great fun :)

“The shot my script”
“Isn’t that good?”
“They shot it dead.”

- Sunset Boulevard.