October 2nd, 2002

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“Before we play some dangerous game
Before we fan some harmeless flame
We have to ask if this is wise
And if the game is worth the prize
With this wine and with this music
How can anything be clear
Lets wait and see
It could just be
The perfect year”
Perfect Year - Sunset Boulevard

“I think i'll go for a walk
Maybe out in the rain
Maybe there'll be tears rolling down my face
And i'd feel the pain
Maybe think about something
Maybe think about you

Yeah you can't hurt me now
You know you can't hurt me now
You can't hold me down

And i've got plenty of time
Time to figure it out
Time to think about you and me
Whatever that was all about”
-Kim Ferron - Nothing But You

“But the heart wants what the heart wants”
I’m sure this is from a T.V show but I cannot remember what, if anybody knows please tell me.

“Sunset Boulevart, twisted boulevard”
Sunset Boulevard

These are words I have stuck in my head at the moment, I couldn’t tell you why.
Everything seems so uncertain and so exausting these days, I can never get enough sleep, I seem to have taken to 20 minute naps after work, there have been weekends when I’ve been at home with nothing to do and I’ve just collapsed before 10. I have the feeling that I’m going to start drinking more soon and I’m trying to smoke less. My sugar intake has gone through the roof and I don’t tend to feel like cooking. I just feel so tired most of the time.

Still, at least there is sillyfic (by mice, yay mice!)