August 13th, 2002

(no subject)

It was the afternoon off so I went into Stirling with Steph and bumbled around.
Found Cats (double LP) and The Sound of Music (single LP with original booklet) for a grand total of £2.59, how could I resist.
Spoke to Dad, he should put a little extra money in my account tomorrow.
Tomorrow night I'm standing in front of people and reading one of my poems, something I wrote while here.
Thursday night I'n standing in front of people and acting (a fake funny scene from Medea).
At least I managed to avoid being draged into karioke last night (anyone who's heard me sing knows why that is a good thing).
Still having fun but miss a charming girl in glasses.
The only major downside at the moment is:
I'm in heat. I swear this is becoming a more regular occurance that it used to be, there has always been background hornyness (lloyd...LIBIDO) but this is ludicrous.
Oh, and Stirling campus is a thing of beauty (even without a comic shop).

Don't think I'll get to see Neil Gaiman when I get back, I could curse myself for not driving.