August 1st, 2002


“Hitting bottom isn’t a weekend resort.”

words and pictures

Over the past month (I don’t think it’s been that long but I can’t give any specifics) there have been numerous ideas clamouring for attention in my head. Among them were/are:

1 long running T.V series - a city as a board game, it ends after 3/4 series when one of the players wins and has obliterated all other players pieces. This included such things as dice and cards deciding on the moves (the dice were not worked out but the cards included weather, angels, growth, vampires and ‘super’ powers). Called Game-play.

1 X-Men film - a story of a closet mutant and how he copes. The X-Men are not in it until the final shot when you see the original team (in there original costumes) rescuing the man, the most eye catching thing are Angel’s wings. Called, unsure but I think it has ‘Genesis’ in the title.

1 short film - set several thousand years into the future, the world has just been destroyed and a man who doesn’t know he is dead is telling an angel (played by Carina Round) about his life. Called Changing Paths.

1 book - the fifth in a series called ‘Someone Once Said’ set a few hundred years after the fourth book.

3 tag-lines to films based on books I have not yet written. The original ‘Someone Once Said’ trilogy.

“So shine foe me
Blind my sight
Don’t let me see
what I can’t fight”