July 23rd, 2002

Time and a very bad film.

"I'm tired of staring at these walls, I'm gonna kick them down"

Yesterday was odd. I woke up and it felt like the weekend had been a very long time ago. I wasn’t ready for it to be Monday and time was not working corectly for it. It wasn’t an especially long day, it’s just that everything seemed so far away.

"Maybe someday, maybe Monday your lucky star wont fly on by."

Now I thought you would be hard pressed to find a peice of, well there aren’t the words to comunincate my distaste, worse than Batman and Robin when it came to comic adaptations but it would seem that one exists. I advise you ro read this film review. It contains lines like:

You know a movie is on the skids when they can't afford to show you a flat tire

There is something black in my lentils

This device looks a lot like a Kryptonian vibrator, but we won't mention that because such jokes are beneath us.

Bob? All of the names in the world to choose from for a big bald menacing white guy, and they came up with "Bob”?

They follow a car (not any particular car, just a car)

As if in answer to our pleas the plot, like some sleeping leviathan, kicks in.(this ones for Bex)

We haven't lost and we never will
Today you came into our grasp
We are going to kill you
We are going to kill you
By giving you lots of water to drink

"I feel like there's something I could be missing"