July 19th, 2002

Questions and pipe dreams

Ever since a friend expressed dissatisfaction with his job (which is in no way something I can relate to) I haven’t been able to got one of my little pipe dreams out of my head. Opening a comic shop. This is something I would love to do but it tales money and I have no money. If I were to start saving now I may have enough to go to the bank in ten years to get a loan. I have no business plan, just ideas; decor, services, promotions. I believe I could make it work if I tried but I do not have the chance to try. I have been asking myself how much I’m willing to give up for this, am I willing to make the major sacrifice to save money and move back in with Mom? Can I resist my urges to spend all my money? When I see something I’ve simply gotsta have can I just keep walking?
I suppose the only question is: How much do I want it?