July 16th, 2002

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“Enemies make the most interesting friends.”

I’m not sure if I’d say I like to write as much as I have ideas for stories. So many of these stories are ‘written’ for the purpose of having somewhere to use one line or a certain image. I wish I could herald a new form of book, one tailored to people of my specific disposition. A book with a few lines in various places, outlines of the characters and a road map with starting and finishing points, from this the reader would have to discern how the characters get from A to B while passing through any set places. I just want to give directions and let others decide on the journey. I do, however, realise that this will not happen.

“Drank ‘til I was thirsty again.”

I think that I should run away to become a memory man, people would expect less of me. My job is basically sorting the deliveries. This is what I do every day. Every day packages come in and I check the order number, see who it’s for and deliver it. I check for deliveries 5 times a day. Every day. There are still people who expect me to remember specific deliveries from over three weeks ago. This is not going to happen. I do this all day every damn day, most of it I do without paying attention to what I’m doing, I DO NOT memorise every little thing.

“We got loud guitars and big suspicions.
Great big guns and small ambitions.
And we still argue over who is God.”