July 11th, 2002

As it begins, so shall it end.

Don't think too hard
Don't think too fast
Don't ever give away what you can't take back
Don't try and understand what you can't comprehend
Underneath the disco neon daylight chandelier disco deity of the chivalry
I said, "Take it back
Take it back
Take it back"

Well the day began the way it’s going to continue. This is not a good day, It’s always a bad idea to go back to work (I’ve had the pat two days off, during which I watched about 24 hours of The Pretender). I woke up barely able to move and I don’t find it to be a great deal of fun to get ready for work when you’re having trouble standing up. My body feels far to light, kind of like a whole body high (not that I’d know anything about any kind of illegal substances, excuse me, why are you shaking your head like that? What? You don’t believe me? Are you calling me a liar?) while my head pounds and my eyes hurt. My favourite comes when I have a cup of coffee, a cigarette and read the papers film section. I was surprised to find that Resident Evil got a decent review, I was even more surprised to find that Film Four has been given the ax. I wonder what will happen next, maybe I’ll make my Thursday lunch excursion to Forbiden Planet (this is comics delivery day after all, oh and if anyones interested they now have Coraline[american edition with Dave McKean illustrations], the comic adaptation of Murder Mysteries and a reprint of Mr. Punch by Neil Gaiman in) to find it burnt to the ground or some such.

“Oh...You're so special
Oh...Who gives a...
Do you want to play?”