July 1st, 2002

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Short Story in E Minor

This is how it begins. This is how it ends. Always. Two letters. One word.
No, said in a silken voice. I have, in my way and to a point, become an expert on the word no; The shape her lips make when she says it, the placing of her tongue, how she shows her teeth and the look in her eyes. I sometimes wonder why she says ‘no’, why not just ‘get the hell away form me’? No, that’s not entirely accurate, she did once say that, at the time she was wearing long strawberry blonde hair and was nearly six foot in heels. Once, when her body was five foot four, her hair short and dark and her skin pale, she said no. The reason this stands out from all the other times she said no is that this no became a yes. She said yes. I was stunned when this happened, she had never said yes before. That moment alone was bliss, to once have her say something other than no. I cannot describe how it felt, how she raised me in that moment. One word. Three letters. Yes, said in a silken voice. for five weeks she said yes, five weeks of glory and light. Five weeks of yes. After five weeks it changed. As the no became yes the yes became no. From no to yes to no. She returned to her original statement. No, said in a silken voice.
One word. Two letters. Always. This is how it ends. This is how it begins.
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