June 10th, 2002

These Troubled Times

“I said this place looks kind of desolate
She said are you only half alive or have you always been this inarticulate?”

We have laughingly referred to ourselves as The Dawson’s Creek generation in the past, We did our growing up a decade after yuppie greed and missed the apathy of generation x by a few years(although some of our more cynical elders believed that’s what we were). The wars we knew came from MASH and scantly detailed history lessons, too young for The Falklands and Gulf seeming like a television special(war films not being in fashion at the time). Sex education began at school when we were 10(or maybe 9, I cannot recall the specifics) but began, in life, earlier through television and film. I picked up on things that she wouldn’t have at the time(her parents still married while mine had already married or moved in with another and split up again). Political correctness growing as we did and our lives being what they were left little room for certain types of intolerance but compounded others(for some reason we both have a dim view of men and I dislike people, an equal op. kind of hate). We have known neither hardship or splendour, she had a more stable family life with more money while I had stories of times past and many place to call home. We have led different similar lives in our ways.
We have laughingly referred to ourselves as The Dawson’s Creek generation because behind the laughter it can be all to true. We were raised on the movies and shows that it parodied, we are overly anylitical of each action. It may not ring true to the others I know but me and Bry were of The Dawson’s Creek generation before there was a Dawson’s Creek.
We got drunk on Friday and it was good fun, something amazing happened, it was just the two of us in the house, we were drinking and we didn’t fool around, just a hug before we collapsed into our respective beds. She went home the following morn(Saturday) and I did something I haven’t done in some time, I spent the weekend drinking, I didn’t spend the weekend drunk it’s just that most of the liquid that passed my lips was alcoholic in nature, this is why I don’t stock pile alcohol, if it’s there I drink it.

“Do you want to play?”