May 27th, 2002

Jewel is playing, would you like to see?

So that’s yet another weekend over and done with. Payday was invovled so we all know this means I spent more money than I should have. So a few days, 7 DVD’s and to much money on comics later and I find out Jewel is playing in Birmingham so I am now trying to find someone who wants to go before lunch when I’m going to try and get ticket(s) and probably find out it’s sold out.
If sombody in my home town does like jewel and would like to join me, with or without someone else then please try and get in contact with me by 12:00, leave a comment or use MSN(I’m just about to put my user name up).

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Well I have my Jewel ticket, it was the last one in the circle. I must ask Becca where to go to stalk people outside the Symphony Hall.

Things to do:
Look for a home.
Look for a job.
Find money for -
a)Badminton on Wedensday.
b)Jewel on Friday.
c)Spider-Man later in the month.
Read for -
a)Open University.
Write -
a)Beginings of essay.
b)Various stories.
Contemplate what I’m going to do with my life.
Watch -
a)The West Wing.
c)The rest of Amile
f)Wild at Heart.
g)Cat People.
h)Arlington Road.
i)The Wild Bunch.