May 21st, 2002

A memory of school days

"Sometimes it is best not to look back."

I remember a phone call I made some years ago. It did not last for long nor did it mean anything in particular, I just needed to speak about something I had just found out. The problem was that I couldn’t talk about what I needed to talk about, the girl on the other end of the phone(a girl by the name of Dawn) had no idea what I was talking of. Today I do not know Dawn, I have not known Dawn for some years and she never did find out just what it was I wasn’t talking about, I can no longer remember what I wasn’t talking about but I do remember fragments of a pointless conversation. I doubt she dwells on this, I do not believe that the girl ever truely liked me but she will forever, in my mind, be the girl I called to talk at about nothing to clarify it in my own head.

"That which has been done can very rarely be undone."