May 17th, 2002

A day too long.

“If you can’t make him love, make him pay.”

Tonight promises to be exiting, I’m going to collapse as soon as I get through the door. You see I had to write an essay yesterday(boy are they so not my strong point) which I did. It’s just that I went to see Star Wars first and didn’t get home ‘til about 11:00 so I had to watch Drop The Dead Donkey. So I start the essay at 11:30 and I’m doing this until 6:30 at which point I haven’t quite finished but I have to stop so I go watch last nights Buffy(I’ll watch Angel and Scrubs tonight) and then leave for work. I got to work about the time I usually get up and finished off my essay, worked, typed it up(I’m not the fastest typist in the world) and at lunch got on a bus and dropped it off with necessary form at my tutors home and caught a bus back just in time to begin work again.
So all in all I’m a little tired at the moment.

“It feels just like we just got started”

The video to statuesque by Sleeper is so damn cool. Well I don’t know this never having seen it but the one I got in my head when I was listening to it the other day was. It’s Louise Wenner standing in a red room pulling things out of her pockets that match the song lyrics and throwing them behind her:
I need high heels just to stand up
Got to carry some stairs to get near enough
I’ve borrowed some tools to chisel you down
I’ve got some wheels to move you around
Tie me up and I’ll confess
A thousand ways that make you statuesque

“On and on we seem to go”

Star wars was good fun. Not big on the meaning but big on the enjoyment.

“The time has come to say goodbye”