May 1st, 2002

A little birthday music.

"The new word is I'm crazy. I could have told you that before."

First of all a verry happy birthday to mrhig!!!

"God has given me a mind that I will use from time to time"

So I got myself an album last night:
Jordan’s Sister by Kendall Payne.
I am so very glad I did, I haven’t been this pleased with music since Carina Round. Supermodels is used for the theme tune on Popular.
Speaking of Carina Round I think it’s now been over a year since I first saw her( she was live -acoustic- at Ronnis Scott’s -sadly no more, now a lap dancing club- supporting Ryan Adams.
One thing about Kendall Payne: Looking at the pictures on the C.D cover, her eyes remind me of mine.

"The summer sun has come to stay. Bikinis, tans, outrageous legs. They're all retarded and they all look the same. "
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    Kendall Payne - Supermodels