March 25th, 2002

Revelations and revelry

The Party:
Went well, no major problems, fun was had by all.
The major anxiety for me was the fact that I had family there. I haven't seen these people in quite some time, allow me to illustrate:
My youngest cousin, Amiee, is 9 years old, I haven't seen these people since before she could walk. Family, for me, is a tricky thing. Outside of my imediate family(Mom, Nan and Dad) I get on well with Graeme and Arlene who I see on holidays(Christmas, birthdays, etc.). The only thing that ties me to the rest of these people is the fact that we share some DNA. Once Dad dies I'll probably never see any of them again(well maybe weddings and funerals).

They make me make a speech! At about 11 I was forced onto the mike. Now by this point I'd been drinking for many hours, many, many people wanted to buy me drinks and I'd been forced into standing at the bar and knocking back several shooters in quick sucsession. I believe it opened "Fist of all I'd just like to say Mom get the fuck away from my girlfriend."
She was talking to my girlfriend, I have made it very clear to her that they will have no contact until it's been at least a year.

Before the party I'm sure I made it quite clear that I was housing no one that night, I didn't know what time I'd leave so I was promising no one a bed. In the end I took 5 people home with me.

It was a good night and I, for want of a better phrase, had fun.

Saw Ocean's Eleven on Sunday, good film, funny.

On Cats and Dogs arrived this morning, it contains 2 stories, both in Smoke and Mirrors, but I'm glad I have it.

Picked up The Gift and Almost Famous on DVD, yet to watch them, and the new Alanis Morissette, yet to listen to it.

On waking

I had the strangest feeling while walking to work this morning. Now as you may well have realised I am not a morning person, I'm used to the sense of impending doom, cursing the sun for rising and other such merryments but this was a new one. It felt like I was still waiting for my alarm to go off and wrench me out of sleep, this is something I've never felt before.