March 20th, 2002

Let's play catch-up pt.2

This is the only link, it's to an old post(January 23rd 2002), the beginning of my little bio. While I could link numerous things it doesn't feel right for this post. It's not as long as the last one, it only involves one thing, an aspect of my fandom. If I have the time/inclination I may provide all apropriate links in a later post.

One Life Furnished In Neil Gaiman

Some may recognise the title, others may not. It�s a reworking of the title of a story in Smoke and Mirrors(by Neil Gaiman oddly enough) - One Life Furnished In Early Moorecock.

I can tell you it was either the just after Christmas �95 or New Year �96. It was the time W.H.Smiths used to have massive clear outs at the end/beginning of each year and they used to have good books and graphic novels. I loved this, I had money from Christmas and this was a way to get reading material, (books but also graphic novels - be still my heart) without having to spend all of my money. This is where I found Neil Gaiman. Now when I talk to people about this I tend to say that World�s End was my first Gaiman. This is both true and false in it�s way, technically Dream Country was my first but I only scanned it, World�s End was the second of his that I brought and I devoured it, it was my first true Gaiman experience. Once I finished it I was in awe, I re-read Dream Country and looked around all the sales I could find for more, this gave me Black Orchid, Brief lives, Books of Magic, Season of Mists, The Doll�s House and Preludes & Nocturnes.

Just after my 16th birthday I found the pride of my collection, my 1st edition hardback copy of The Wake. Now these books were not read in order but I opened this and began to tear into it when I had to stop because it followed on directly from The Kindly Ones, the only Sandman book I didn�t have, so the next day I got to a book shop straight after school and devoured them both that night.

My collection has since expanded, taking in novels, short story collections, a children�s book, more comics, a biography, clothing, a wall scroll, short stories in collections, signatures, attending a reading and as I sit I eagerly await the arrival of On Cats and Dogs: Two Tails and the release of Coraline in audio(read by him) and book forms(American and English editions).