March 12th, 2002


The feeling of change is still predominant at the moment and I wonder what this is. Is it a valid feeling because something big in my life is coming, is it because I needed to look of another job and another home or is it simply because on Friday I turn 21?

The weekend was family time, on Saturday it involved a visit to Nan and Granddad(Dads side) and Sunday was Mom, Nan, Graeme(uncle) and Arlene(aunt). It wasnt as bad as expected. There was the usual hostility between me and Mom when we first met but it died out when we were around other people, the joys of closed hostilities(it probably helped that I did a few things around the house for her).

A thought that I find occasional comfort in:
The choices we make set us on our path, a single on can lead us to any number of places, each one of them has lead us to this point and you cannot begin to conceive of the number of different outcomes that could have come from one decision but what if there are no wrong ones, each one has lead you to this point and that is where you need to be, here and now, you cannot make the wrong choice.
(this is typed somewhat clumsily du to slight inebriation)