March 8th, 2002

It Has Arrived!

This morning I go down to the post room to check on the deliveries and only one box has come in, this box is for me.
In this box was one copy of Adventures In The Dream Trade by Neil (The Man Is My God) Gaiman.
I'm so glad I decided to have it delivered to me at work instead of home.
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I just found a Snoopy video in a charity shop. Willo the Wisp, Trap Door and Snoopy, all I'm missing now is |Garfield(I wont count Danger Mouse and Transformers as they can be found easily).

I also got Switching Channels(Kathleen Turner, Burt Reynalds and Christorher Reeve, 1989). While I was there a woman asked me if I knew if 'this' tape was any good, it was Jewel - Spirit.