March 7th, 2002

Not the night but the day

Rocky was good fun! There are pictures avalable on this web that spans the world and you can find them here. Why is it that every picture of me that I link to is me in drag?

I have returned from my time away. I needed to take some time off work to sort out an Open Uni assignment, this mostly consisted of finding anything at all to do other than the assignment so I still have it to do, I have never been that good at this whole �work� thing.

Neil Gaiman: Adventures In The Dream Trade should be on it�s way to me as I write, unfortunately On Cats & Dogs: Two Tales is not, there are no more copies. Harleqin Valantine is now out and has a place in my standing order box at Forbiden Planet.

I saw Tim Burton�s Planet of the Apes over the weekend, it was okay, I prefer the origional.

The new Alanis Morrissete album is out, something else I�ll have to wait for(along with the latest Natalie Imbruglia).

The new Jewel album is a delight to listen to, currntly I�m besoted with Serve The Ego.

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I have 2 new fish, got them on Saturday and they havent died yet, still cant decide what to call them though.

Finished reading The Princess Diaries: Take Two and I now have to wait to get the next one(its a trilogy).
Read Fearless 16 last night, now I just have to dig out 17 from where ever it is.

Moments of anticipation:
Recieving Adventures In The Dream Trade.
Getting Harlequinn Valentine.
New Alanis album.
Going to see Carmen next Friday.