March 1st, 2002

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Eyes half open I sit here, my breath shallow and my throat tight with anger. I slide down the chair a little, let my head fall back, close my eyes and take a few deep breathes. Still breathing deeply I bring my head up and begin to let it fall forwards until it stops in my hands, I close my eyes tightly and move my hands to the side of my head where I apply preassure to my temples. Very slowly I lift my head until my hands are just above my throat, open my eyes and put my hands down.

I saw my mother last night, it didnt go well, she was speeding off before I could close the car door, later on she called twice to yell at me.

Work is getting remarkably frustrating at times.

Looking for a job is not easy when you dont want to be in sales/an office/have 5+ years experience.

I have given up on Rocky, I simply do not have the energy to sort anything else out. People now know the time and place to meet and I cannot be bothered to try and arrange anyones costume.

I seem to have sent the postal order for my Neil Gaiman books to the wrong address(hopefully it will be sorted out soon).

This whole birthday party thing seems like so much more trouble than its worth.

I need to get away, in the last year and a half I have spent 2 days out of Birmingham(I do not count places like Litchfeild, Walsall or Wolverhampton to be out of birmingham, I can get a bus to these places from the city centre). Just a few days away would be good, somewhere that looks pretty or somewhere that has storms but money is an object and something I do not have.

I could do with some theraputic shopping right about now, spending money I dont have on things I dont need but, alas, Im trying to sort out my money issues.

There are the good things, the new Jewel album is good, I have some Ben & Jerry's at home, Im just about to get lunch, etc.
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