February 25th, 2002

Music and tall tales.

I just got my Buffy C.D, I recorded it onto mini disc from the video and John transferred it to C.D for me and the sound quality is dire but we make do with what we have.

I enjoy listening to people talk, I find it thrilling to see a person recite tales of past experience. I dont have that many stories and it surprises me when someone Ive known for a while doesnt know them all. I dont think Sarra knows the stories behind my first kiss and the first time I had sex yet and when the time comes Ill delight in telling her. I have a few tales of drunkenness, one or two of coincidence, some of childhood and my two crown stories: One of the temperamental elephant and the time I could very easily have died.
The upside of this is I dont have any stories than end:
and the priest asked why I was naked
so the cop hit me
I woke up in the gutter with no memories and a strange rash
I have no idea where this tattoo came from
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    Buffy - Where do we go from here