February 22nd, 2002

Music past

Saw Moulin Rouge last night - It was awful, not in a bad way, it really was an enjoyable film, fun.

The combination of that and the Buffy Musical sparked an old memory of an idea I had about a rewriting of Evita when I was listening to the soundtrack a lot a few years back(Moulin Rouge has the whole musical extravaganza thing going for it and Buffy had a song called �Where do we go from here� which is the first line to �You must love me�, one of my favourite Evita songs). I only worked it for a few songs at the time and I can�t remember how I changed them but I was taking the music from Evita and turning it into a film about a vigilante. The thing that surprise me at the time was how easily the songs could be changed to fit.

I've had songs from Buffy the musical stuck in my head all week, it started with 'Where do we go from here' then on to 'I'll never tell' it stoped breifly this morning only to be replaced with songs from Bugsy Malone but it's back now with 'I am under your spell'

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