February 21st, 2002

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I caught up with someone I used to know last night, it was good to hear from them again.
It always gives me the greatest sense of peace when there is some form of compfortable contact between me and someone who used to be in my life, especialy when they seem to be getting along better than when we parted ways.

Today I sent of a money order, I'll try and tell you more later but suffice to say it's to do with Neil Gaiman.

This pleases me

There is now a postal order whisking it's way towards the procurement of Adventures In The Dream Trade and On Cats And Dogs: Two Tails, both by Neil Gaiman.
Thanks to Neil Journal's Online Gaiman(as I once dubbed it during a late night/early morning phone conversation) I went to Cold Tonnage Books to try and find a copy on this little island, and I was succesful, it wasn't listed on the web site but on quick call got me what I was looking for as well as On Cats And Dogs, this is a book that worries me, it was released in 1997(a few years after Neil Gaiman became Neil 'My God' Gaiman) and I'd never heard of it before, it's not like it's a small story in 2000A.D., it's not like Treasures and Keepsakes: A Love Story, just a small story in an anthology, this is a book, an actual book that I didn't know of.
Am I losing my touch, I know I'm not the biggest Gaiman freak out there but I should have known something as basic as this, I mean come on people I spent �60 on Angels & Visitations when I have half the stories in Smoke & Mirrors.
How in hell could I not know about this?
When I get payed I'm getting September 11th, it has a 4 page Gaiman story in it, I'm egarly awaiting Harleyquinn Valentine, I'll probably get the audio version of Coraline first because it comes out first, I'll get the English edition, I'll probably get the American edition as well for the illustrations. I can'ty wait for his short stint with Marvel comics and the anticipation of when his Endless is palateable. The fact that Cordelia didn't exist damn near gave me a heart attack, basically I'm more obsessed than ever so HOW ON GOD'S(Gaiman be his name) ONCE GREEN EARTH DID I MISS THIS???