February 18th, 2002

Thursday to Sunday(without the work on Friday)

Thursday and Sunday were Carina Round. It was good to see here live again, as ever I was instilled with a feeling of passion while she was on. Mostly at live performances I get the feeling of fun but with her it�s always passion, it feels good to see something like that when you�re working 8:30 - 5:00 Mon - Fri and you get so used to mundane surroundings and a feeling of lethargy. Suffice to say she was atreat both times. Jacob Golden is worth listening to(another C.D to the collection, signed no less). Ben Christophers is not of my personal preferance but began to grow on me and I enjoyed his second performance more.

Picked up Joan Osborne - (can�t remember the name of the album, the one with �One of us� on, around the time Ironic by Alanis Morissette was picking up numerous awards).

Spoke breifly to erinpower and the_timmer, it was good to meet them although I am absolutely terrable at meeting and talking to people I don�t know. This is why I hate first impressions so much, so long as it�s a good day I�m sure I come of better 10th time around(unfortunately it�s just downhill from there). Speaking of great first impressions/second impressions I should be seeing them again and meeting mrhig at Rocky on the 2nd of March and boy will I look stupid.

Saw a preview of Don�t Say A Word on Sunday, good film, enjoyable to watch but you really do know the ending when it comes.

Damn those credit cards, damn them to Heck!

I hate credit cards!
I will not get one because I'm so bad with money but the easiest way to buy things over the internet is with a credit card, I just have to pray that the book I want(that has a limited print) doesn't sell out before my order form arrives.
Of course if there are any local Neil Gaiman fans with credit cards who feel the need to get Adventures In The Dream Trade wish to buy an extra copy I will happily exchange money for goods.
This is the book
It's $26 plus $5 shipping, $10 for multiple copies.
This is the order form which can be faxed.
If there is anyone out there who wishes to be my knight in shining armor then please let me know, I'm going to try and sort out a money order tomorrow at lunch time.