February 11th, 2002


Amilee: Such a good film, incredably sweet and often funny.

The Pledge: Jack Nicholson, good film, worth watching. A retired cop tries to find a killer but it's no where near as tacky as it sounds.

50 things i know to be true about myself...

Taken from erinpower

1. I was not named until after I was born.
2. I have never found it amusing to be likened to a bank.
3. I usually miss-spell my middle name.
4. I have a tendency to obsess over things.
5. I don�t read as much as I think I should.
6. I first had sex when I was 17.
7. I watch too much television.
8. I can be very lethargic.
9. I dislike the term �Generation X�(unless you�re talking about the comic)
10. I think A Clockwork Orange dystopia is a much more likely future than a Star Trek utopia.
11. I�m scared of spiders.
12. I believe people find it easy to mistake rut and routine.
13. I cannot believe that my teen years were the best years of my life.
14. I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam-I-Am.
15. Sometimes when I�m walking I slow down and look around and everything is beautiful.
16. I am currently living in my 7th home.
17. I am not a fan of patriotism.
18. I am a fan of Neil Gaiman.
19. I enjoy spending the money I have.
20. I have one tattoo above two idiotic scars.
21. I try to control my alcohol consumption.
22. I can remember Alicia Silverstone as being the first non-life person I had a crush on.
23. I sometimes miss things I never had.
24. I wonder what it�s like to have a close family with traditions that run farther than arguments.
25. I am not a morning person.
26. I used to have three years worth of cinema ticket stubs and I now regret throwing them out when I moved.
27. I have had influence on the way people dress and what they read.
28. I like to go to the cinema at least twice a week.
29. I�m not good at meeting people.
30. I�ve lost friends because I can�t keep up relationships over distance.
31. I have never been dumped and I�ve hated it each and every single time I�ve broken up with somebody.
32. I�m not Brian.
33. Nor am I Spartacus.
34. I love musical episodes of television shows.
35. I�m a reformed born again Christian.
36. I do believe in God.
37. I have never considered anyone to be a role model or a personal hero.
38. I do not think that dreams have a deeper meaning.
39. I don�t think that getting drunk is cool.
40. I don�t like clubs.
41. I used to be in the cubs.
42. I don�t see the point of not meeting friends until eight on a Friday night to only spent three hours with them in a place you can�t get a seat, it takes fifteen minutes to get a drink and you can�t hear each other.
43. I think the phrase �I understand you� is redundant and inaccurate at best.
44. I own four leather jackets/coats.
45. I drink dry cider.
46. I like eating meat.
47. I prefer to buy C.D�s than have someone copy them if it�s a singer/band that I adore.
48. I dislike people catorgarising me in some form of social trend - �goth�, �rocker� - these are things that do not describe me, only what clothes you think I wear.
49. I wear a leather trench coat that reaches my ankles, this used to be likened to The Crow, now it tends to be likened to The Matrix.
50. The first thing I read by Neil Gaiman was The Sandman: Dream Country.