January 28th, 2002

I don't need to spend money, really I don't

So I told you about my Saturday spending but I didnt mention my Fiday expenses.

Jane Eyre
Wide Sargasse Sea
Medea and other plays
-These are for open Uni

Fearless 17(still need 16)
His Dark Materials trilogy by P.Pullman(I will respect the opinion of a bloke I meet in the pub if he reads 2000A.D)

Buffy series 3

Endless Wall Scroll(a poster on material instead of paper)

Took Derek and Denise out for a meal.


The Commitments(film) and Tracy Chapman(C.D) for Mom(Birthday)
Young Frankenstien(video) and The Isely Brothers(C.D) for Dad(Birthday)
Jewel(C.D) for me(Because its my money damn it)


Vanilla Sky:
Okay film, really awful ending

Only Yesterday:
It was alright.

Blue Velvet:
Good film, kinda odd(well it is David Lynch), kinda freaky.

Items of antici...pation

Buffy the musical episode.

Harlequin Valentine by Neil Gaiman(comes out in February)

Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Electric - March the 2nd(which reminds me, Ill try and get a picture of me in costume to post before hand so if anybody else happens to be there they can feel free to approach me)

March the 15th - I turn 21 and go see Carmen at the NIA

Coraline by Neil Gaiman - August the 25th, Im hoping to get an American edition as they have illustrations.

Endless Storybook by Neil Gaiman(unknown date)

MiricaleMan by Neil Gaiman re-release(I hope - current legal battles)

The day I get the phone call proclaiming me Emperor of the world.

The day the courier gives me the message informing me that I am in fact Lord God almighty(believe in me and ye shall not gain eternal life for I am a fickle and irritable God)

My wedding day(I hope)

The day me first kid is born(I hope)
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