January 24th, 2002

With the good comes the bad.

There's been no word about my blood test and it's been over a week, I was told that means I'm okay(now I've said that whatch me find out I've got testicular cancer tomorrow).

You may remember this, or even this. We now have a new addition. So I'm heading home last night and a group of about 8-10 lads attack me and try to mug me(well they did get away with my spare set of batteries - woe is me). I was lucky, 2 guys were driving passed, stopped and gave me a lift round the block(we were very near home and I don't wast people who attack me to know where I live. So I have another few bruises to add to the collection. Thankfully I didn't really get hurt, I swear if this keeps happening I'm gonna start to feel like a victim.