January 11th, 2002

(no subject)

Buffy back! Buffy good(even if they did have to bring bBuffy back to life - she annoys me)!

Good first episode, it's just a shame about the 'Bffy's Back special presenters the week before. For God's Sake People! I could have done a better job, if you want a presenter for something like that get a true fanatic who knows what they're talking about, can talk with enthusiasm and can make in-jokes, not the shitest puns known to (wo)man(attack of the politicaly correct brigade).

Finally the weekend is here, I have time to check my emails properly and not just glance. This week has been so busy, breaks non existant and lunch cut short.

So the 'street silence' I was suffering from lack of a walkman was driving me crazy so I borrowed some money to buy one and I now like Argos.
I got a good one on sale and 24 batteries, it should have been 12 but I got them at the counter and them the woman at the collection point gave me another pack.

Just some quick praise of Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore, more people should read it(it's a comic, go buy some issuse/graphic novels and while we're on the subject do you have any Neil Gaiman and Carina Round yet?)

Enjoy your weekend.