January 8th, 2002

The Bestest Day EVER!!!!!

I hate Mondays. On Mondays there is no room in my heart for compassion, kindness or love. All space is for hate and yesterday was Monday personified. It wasnt just Monday. It wasnt just my first Monday back at work. It wasnt just the Monday the students return. It wasnt just the Monday I start Open University. It was the work of God. It was God testing my limits for my own private little hell for when my body finally gives in after all the shit Ive been shovelling into it.
I think the idiom If it can go wrong it will go wrong. should be changed to If it can go wrong get the fuck out of my face.
Work didnt stop, it just kept coming and coming, during which the aerial broke off my mobile phone so reception is now wishful thinking. It just wouldnt stop and when I finally finish I go to the office, put my jacket on and someone has been in the office and stolen my walkman and personal C.D player from my desk so I have no phone, no music at work and no music when I walk anywhere. I need that music to drown out the world. Im usually walking for over an hour each day, I walk to work this morning and all I have in my head is the last line I heard of a Jewel song before I left the house - Im tired of all these pilgrims, these puritans, these thieves I like this line, its a good line. But for half an hour?
I truly hate Mondays.

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I just want a bath so hot it nearly takes my skin off but the water tank isn't big enough and the water not hot enough so when I get home I must settle for a shower.