January 2nd, 2002

An end to festivities.

So I have returned to work. Oh joy, oh rapture.

Christmas eve was hectic as hell, I went to the shop for bread and conditioner and halfway home I realised I�d locked myself out(It�s just me in the house, all others are with family). So I call Bry(the only local house mate) to ask if I can borrow her keys - yes. So I get on the bus to get the keys to go to Mom�s to wake her up(11 a.m - she�s really not a morning person) to get a lift to get me home to have a shower to use my conditioner to wrap the gifts to give to the friends that I�m meeting in the afternoon. I got home with about one and a half hours to get out the house. That�s when I knew it would be a good Christmas, it was hassle, it was effort, it was trouble but I was rushing abound with a big grin on my face because it was worth it.

Christmas was good. For the first time since I�ve been exited about Christmas Mom was up before me, she woke me up with a phone call at about 9 to say she was coming to pick me up so I had to rush around in an attempt to look presentable(well it was Christmas) and wrap her gifts - thanks for the suggestions, in the end she got a set of glasses, Absolutely Fabulous series four and 101 Poems to Keep You Sane and she seemed happy with this(a first!) - but the most amazing thing was my family - me, Mom, Nan and Arlene - all got along, this is actual got along and not just put up with got along. I shouldn�t really put Arlene in the group though, the fall outs are usually between me and Mom, Mom and Nan or Graeme(so he stayed in Spain this year making an argument that little bit harder) and Nan. No fake civility, it was good.
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Two people in no specific order.

The first is mrhig who seems to be somewhat similar to me in some(almost unnerving) ways. He seems to be a decent guy and an enjoyable read.

The second is lyeta who is simply marvellous.

I apologise if either of you considers this an invasion of privacy and I will remove the link if you want.

Both are very cool people to read about.
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Shamelessly plugs

I think it's been too long since I've instructed people what to read and listen to so I'll do it once more with hopes of some converts(yes I know some of you already read/listen to these people, some through me and some not but I will not be satisfied until this is the new regiem - yeah, yeah, I can't spell)

Read Neil Gaiman

Listen to Carina Round
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