lloyd (falling_softly) wrote,

Not usualy my thing but the words 'the hell' and 'what' come to mind

The Rules:

Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 TV shows/movies you like(d).
Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
Have your friends guess the show names.


1. Altering history/Tooth extraction/Plauge
2. Time loop/Suicide/clock radio
3. Dream like/Postcard/France
4. Martial arts/Spoof/Landlady
5. Teen movie/Marching band/William Shakespeare
6. Kids show host/Crooked Charity/Rhinoceros
7. Stabbed in the neck/Claustrophobic setting/Female bonding
8. Enviromental/Giant animal/Asia
9. Hula hoop/Business/Jump from window
10. Musical/Dentist/Orphan


1. Comic book shop/Cult comedy/Pop culture
2. Prostitution/Police/London England
3. Jazz/Bounty Hunter/Anime
4. Sci-Fi/Number in title/Space shuttle
5. Inanimate object/Comedy/Drama
6. Homicidal baby/Animal that acts human/Adult humour
7. Basement/Water tower/Retro
8. Outsider/MTV/Character name in the title
9. Space western/Theology/Soldier
10. War/Cunning plan/Historical

My mistake:
Television 9 now reads Space Weston rather than Pace weston as it was before.

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