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Karate grading today, oh yeah, been doing karate since February.
Hope to be a red belt by the end of the day.
Go Bear, be the yellow.

Brown/2 White

Also Richard Herring is playing the Glee Club in October (11th I think).

Have a new job now.
(Thinks back to when last entry was)
Was working at Aston University, got made redundant last october.
In november I started work as a temp. As the science technician at Kings Norton High School, that ended with the start of the summer holiday.
I now have a real job (with a pension and sick pay and everything) as a (not the this time) science technician at Cockshut Hill Technology college. Also on the plus side I don't have to travel the length of the city to get to work anymore.

Oh, and I moved home in Febuary following a series of rather unpleasant events (such as coming home to find a corpse, what fun that was - context, it was my flat mate, it's not that someone just decide to use my home as an impromptu mortuary).

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To begin with:

Lee and Herring.
You can see them back together again live at Tedstock from earlier this year.
Part One and Part Two.

And seeing as I'm doing it, what the hell:
Anti-Piracy, Film (The IT Crowd)
Anti-Piracy, Music (awkwardpictures)
John Otway
Meagan's Creepy Story (tokenblackchick)

This weekend is the Birmingham Real Ale Festival.

At Aston University Students Guild, Thursday to Saturday. I shall be there on Friday from about 4:30, if you enjoy beer, cider, pancakes or sausages then please come and join me. If you're not sure how to get there just ask.

Upcoming comedy:

Good things that are going on at The Glee Club, I'm hoping to see them all and it would be just wonderful if anyone cared to join me.





(Followed by the Birmingham Comic Con on the 13th and 14th, 12th as well if you include the Friday night party.)


Other Stuff

I was made redundant in July, I finish work on the 5th of October and I am currently looking for a job, but to be honest (with regaurds to this post) I'm more interested in the comedy.

For those who are interested

Tonight at 9pm on ITV1:
You Can Choose Your Friends
written by Richard Herring.

Also on the comedy front:
Go look at www.gofasterstripe.com and buy stuff.
It's a great idea and deserves to sucseed, besides, where else can you get Stewart Lee and Richard Herring DVD's and CD's (Robin Ince and Simon Munery coming soon)

That Mitchell and Webb Sound series 3 is currently airing on BBC radio 4, go hear it on listen again.

Now sod off and laugh at funny stuff.

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As I'm about to sod off for a long weekend I shall leave those of you who care with answers.


1. Twelve Monkeys Altering history/Tooth extraction/Plague
2. Groundhog Day Time loop/Suicide/clock radio
3. Amilie Dream like/Postcard/France
4. Kung-Fu Hustle Martial arts/Spoof/Landlady
5. 10 Things I Hate About You Teen movie/Marching band/William Shakespeare
6. Death To Smoochy Kids show host/Crooked Charity/Rhinoceros
7. The Descent Stabbed in the neck/Claustrophobic setting/Female bonding
8. Princess Mononoke Enviromental/Giant animal/Asia
9. The Hudsucker Proxy Hula hoop/Business/Jump from window
10. Little Shop of HorrorsMusical/Dentist/Orphan


1. Spaced Comic book shop/Cult comedy/Pop culture
2. The Vice Prostitution/Police/London England
3. Cowboy Bebop Jazz/Bounty Hunter/Anime
4. Odyssey 5 Sci-Fi/Number in title/Space shuttle
5. Wonderfalls Inanimate object/Comedy/Drama
6. Family Guy Homicidal baby/Animal that acts human/Adult humour
7. That 70's Show Basement/Water tower/Retro
8. Daria Outsider/MTV/Character name in the title
9. Battlestar Galactica Space western/Theology/Soldier
10. Blackadder Goes Fourth War/Cunning plan/Historical

Well Paul did the best, managing to get 9 right in the end although I will love him forever for knowing The Maxx.
Lorna comes in a close second with her first guess netting her an impressive 8 for 8 but when the typo went away she made the popular mistake of saying Firefly which got her 8 for 9.
Pete was (metaphorically before you get any ideas, I know what you're like. Especially you Lloyd. Wait, I'm Lloyd. Oh, ok then I'm pointing accusingly at you Alison! I wouldn't want to know what kind of filthy high class things go on in your mind[well maybe I would but I'll never admit it!]) bringing up the rear, starting with a 100% success rate but soon dropping to a 75% but I must take my hat for with pride joy and because my office is bloody hot to a man who can name both Death to Smoochy and The Hudsucker Proxy.

Well as for tomorrow I hope that we all have (please ignore the the in the title and feel free to google if you don't know the film) A Stabbed In The Throat/Hung Upside Down/Irish Republican Army

Not usualy my thing but the words 'the hell' and 'what' come to mind

The Rules:

Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 TV shows/movies you like(d).
Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
Have your friends guess the show names.


1. Altering history/Tooth extraction/Plauge
2. Time loop/Suicide/clock radio
3. Dream like/Postcard/France
4. Martial arts/Spoof/Landlady
5. Teen movie/Marching band/William Shakespeare
6. Kids show host/Crooked Charity/Rhinoceros
7. Stabbed in the neck/Claustrophobic setting/Female bonding
8. Enviromental/Giant animal/Asia
9. Hula hoop/Business/Jump from window
10. Musical/Dentist/Orphan


1. Comic book shop/Cult comedy/Pop culture
2. Prostitution/Police/London England
3. Jazz/Bounty Hunter/Anime
4. Sci-Fi/Number in title/Space shuttle
5. Inanimate object/Comedy/Drama
6. Homicidal baby/Animal that acts human/Adult humour
7. Basement/Water tower/Retro
8. Outsider/MTV/Character name in the title
9. Space western/Theology/Soldier
10. War/Cunning plan/Historical

My mistake:
Television 9 now reads Space Weston rather than Pace weston as it was before.